Should Students Be Allowed to Order Food?


Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

   Eating the same school meals everyday can get boring. And many students don’t  like the school food; they find it too dry or plain. Well you may wonder, Why don’t they bring their own home lunches? A lot of us don’t always have time to prepare a lunch. Our parents might be busy with work or school, so they can’t always bring food to school. So that’s when ordering food sounds much easier, and it’s a way for everyone to eat meals they actually want. 


   Ordering outside food can be a way of preventing kids from wasting food. I always see kids who get school lunches, and right after they get the lunches, the food goes into the trash. Outside food can be a solution to prevent students from wasting food, instead the food can go to other kids who didn’t get a chance to eat.  Many students don’t get food because it runs out quickly, and half of the kids end up throwing it away. 


   One of the main reasons why schools disagree with the idea of ordering food, is that it contains too much fat. Kids love eating foods that contain fat because fat gives food more flavor. Well we can prevent kids from ordering greasy foods and allowing them to order from a certain app. For example, Post Mates has many non-greasy foods. It’s also a really trusted app. There’s hamburgers with avocados, onions, and lettuce. 


   Therefore, ordering food can sound a little too risky and unsafe. Based on receiving food from a stranger, it can be a planned delivery and it could end up having unsafe items inside. We could always avoid this situation. For example, the delivery has to bring the food in the main office. The food could also be checked for any weapons or drugs before handing it to a student; that way we can continue keeping the school safe. If that’s not convincing enough, then the delivery person must show a valid ID or some form of proof that he/she is working for the company. 


    Many students break the rule and order food either way. My point is, if students do it secretly, there’s a higher chance of someone bringing a weapon to school through a quiet delivery. Now, if students get the chance to order food, there can be the rule that all outside food must pass the main office first. That way the deliveries are safer and trusted, and we wouldn’t have to worry about kids secretly ordering food. 


Anonymous opinions; “Having outside food would make a change in students because they will actually focus, instead of having to focus on their growling stomachs all day.” 


   Continuing on why students like the outside food rather than school food is because outside food doesn’t leave your stomach empty. Throughout the day, students get really hungry. When lunch comes around, the choices are small portions of food which does not satisfy our stomachs as much. With empty stomachs, students cannot function correctly because of growling stomachs. For the rest of the day, students will get tired and zone out, or they’ll distract other students for food. It’s really important for students to eat meals that will sustain their stomachs and help them function throughout the day. And that’s why I believe students should have the opportunity to order food.