The Best Plants to Liven Up Your Space


Althea Millman (12th), Reporter

Nature has enthralled humanity with its effortless and unlimited beauty for centuries and we have in turn tried for centuries to encapsulate its beauty in a way that allows us to enjoy it on a daily basis. Bringing plants indoors is one of the most common methods of doing this. 

Plants add more than just a pop of color to a room; they add life, but certain plants are better suited for an indoor environment such as a bedroom or dorm room.


  1. The Pothos


One of the most common and easiest green friends to introduce to your bedroom, the pothos is a vine growing plant perfect to fill empty space or hang down from a ceiling. A pothos will survive in just about any corner of the room, its leaves simply adjusting in color depending on the amount of light exposure. The watering schedule for this plant is flexible, needing water only once every 1-2 weeks, making it a perfect starter plant or the perfect staple for anyone with a hectic schedule themselves. Not to mention, this is one of the easiest plants to propagate, only needing to break a leaf off at the base and placing it in water to grow a whole new plant.



  • The Zz Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)



An incredibly hearty addition to any space, the Zz plant is impeccable for those looking for a low maintenance and mess-free option. No matter where it is in the room, it will continue to grow without dropping any leaves. Watering is only necessary every 2-4 weeks depending on the plant’s pot size. Although perhaps boring to some, the Zz plant’s rich green leaves are sure to liven up every and any room.   



  • Succulents



The succulent family includes a variety of easy-to-care-for options, perfect for injecting a little personality into your dorm or other small room. Succulents are mostly water and therefore can survive with very little irrigation. However, they thrive best in a fair amount of sunlight, making it necessary to check in with them more often to make sure they have not dried out. Despite requiring a little more attention, succulents are extremely diverse and therefore amazing for anyone looking for a plant with a specific shape or size, each adding its own unique touch to your space.



  • The Snake Plant



A Snake Plant is an incredible piece of artwork to incorporate into your space. The architecture of its leaves provides a certain amount of structure to any decor as well as a fascinating and lively element to admire. This plant, like the others discussed above, is fairly tolerant of any type of light exposure. 


“I think plants that don’t need a lot of sunlight are best,” Hatchell expresses. 


Making this and the other plants listed perfect candidates for any indoor space, small or large.



  • Fake Plants



Although the endearing quality of indoor plants is in part the feeling of taking care of something, sometimes a good fake plant will do the trick in adding a pop of color and life to your space without the risks of having to keep it alive. Mixing fake plants into your space among other real plants is also a perfect way to give the appearance of a thriving in-home jungle. 


“There is no such thing as too many plants. The more the better!!” Hatchell adds.


Whether fake or real, a succulent or a pothos, bringing any plant into your living space is sure to liven up your home with the beauty of nature.


“I love looking at plants. It makes me feel connected to nature and happy,” Hatchell explains. 


Nature’s wonders do not have to remain outside. Adopting your very own plant to introduce to your space and care for the perfect way to feel connected to nature without even stepping out of the door.