Coronavirus Leads to Hoarding


Adrienne Navarette (12th), Editor

CORONAVIRUS! I would like to state on record, that I am aware of how serious this virus is and how it is affecting people, but what I also would like to say is how I have noticed the public’s hysteria is making this virus far worse than it is.  For example, hoarding. I know how scary this kind of thing can be but we as a society will get through it! It has to end at some point in time.


Now, back to what I was saying, as most of you have noticed, nearly every supermarket, grocery store, even corner stores are completely empty. People have been stocking up on food, water bottles, and toilet paper. The people doing this fear the worst is to come, being that they may be quarantined in their own home without supplies. I’m sure there are other reasons but this is number one (from what I’ve seen). Everyone has that right to get what they want with their own money but personally I believe people are taking this too far.


There are families who cannot afford to hoard! Families with children, some that can barely scrape by with the money they do make. I know numerous people who cannot even go out and get what they need because the stores are out of it. People are walking out of supermarkets with huge loads; baskets full of toilet paper, water, soaps and other necessities. If a person wants to buy things to be prepared, go ahead! But only get what you think you will actually need!  Think reasonably, don’t stock up with items that are going to last you 2 years instead of 2 weeks.


When I first heard about this whole pandemic, I wasn’t too worried; sickness comes yearly. It’s just what happens. I am not afraid of contracting the virus, what I am afraid of is that there is nearly no food in grocery stores for my family and me. That is what scares me the most. I encourage anyone reading this to be more courteous and cautious during these times.


Please, if you already have a good amount of supplies, leave the rest to those who truly are in need. The last thing we want is for low-income families to go hungry. I do not believe this virus is going to last for too long, in fact, an article from The Hill, stated that the last patient who was infected with Covid-19 was dispatched from the hospital recently meaning there is still hope! And this virus will be declining soon. I wish the very best for you all! Remember to wash your hands and be selfless.