COVID-19 Updates


Tim Sanchez (12th), Editor-in-Chief

If you didn’t think this COVID-19 pandemic would get any worse, you are fairly mistaken as more deaths are projected by the media across the country. Millions of hospitals across America are starting to feel the anguish that comes with tending to millions of patients that come in with symptoms due to the coronavirus. A vaccine still has not been discovered and people of prominence such as Dr. Anthony Fauci and President Trump are continuously attempting to appease the public. Citizens are still quarantined inside their homes since there is no guaranteed date as to when they will return to society. I can’t even go inside a restaurant building during this time, they all have signs on their doors saying that their drive thru is open. It leaves many dismayed that they cannot even go inside their favorite restaurants and other places of leisure. 

In case you haven’t read the last article, I discussed the rise of COVID-19 over the years. America has experienced  types of pandemics every few years and the one that happened to appear to the public is known as the coronavirus. In December this pandemic was made known to the populace in the states. Seriousness of this matter started to occur in the month of March. Everything known to the public was beginning to be cancelled out of concern for COVID-19. Events such as the Olympics are being rescheduled to 2021. 

It has been speculated that the country might reopen on May 1st which I think is asinine. I’m not the only person who feels this way. Dr. Fauci said that opening up the country is not as easy as ”turning on a light switch.” Death rates caused by the coronavirus have escalated day by day. Cities such as New York and California are projected as having the highest death rates in America. Internationally the death rate from this virus has reached half a million. 

Not only has the death rate increased but also the number of confirmed cases in America and other countries has been rising throughout the years. Since it seems that all the attention has been focused on this pandemic, citizens are not concerned about Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dropping out of the 2020 presidential race leaving former Vice President Joe Biden as the only candidate for president. For the public nothing could get in the way of this pandemic and nothing could dissuade anyone from this crisis. All we can do as a nation is see the outcome and hope a vaccine is found. This issue will be intermittent if it is stopped early on and the solution has to be found to suppress this virus.