Quarantine Reflection


Chrishael Sanchez (11th), Reporter

The COVID-19 outbreak: an unprecedented time. Businesses, schools, and events are getting shut down. Working adults must find a way to make ends meet for bills while students are learning to accomodate an online learning platform. It seems as if the world has stopped as people, internationally, are forced to stay home to prevent the spread of this global pandemic. Although many important events, travels, and more are now cancelled or postponed, it is highly important to remain positive during this uncertain period.

Though Governor Newsom announced the closure of all California schools for the remainder of the school year, it is important to focus on the positive impact our social distancing efforts have had. Experts are seeing a recession in the number of coronavirus cases we are experiencing. The United States is flattening the curve!

Hope and good news is out there: social distancing and quarantine is slowing down the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. White House health advisor, Dr. Anthony Fauci, expresses “cautious optimism” as he mentions parts of the country may begin opening up as early as May due to this slowdown.

An anonymous Pitman student sheds light on their personal observations and introspection during this time: “Staying at home has its ups and downs. It has given me time to reflect on how fast many things can get taken away and how you should enjoy every moment to the fullest. It’s not fun staying at home all day constantly worrying about more and more things. However, it gives you time to know yourself more. It helped me find more hobbies to do. I see this situation as an opportunity to cherish every moment in life‒to be grateful for the little things in life.”

Another Pitman student states, “Staying home has forced me to pick up new hobbies, which has proved to be useful. The other day, I was able to sew a mask!”

As clearly illustrated by the aforementioned students, your mindset defines the experience you’re going to have. During this time of mass hysteria and paper towel hoarding, the way you handle this situation has significant meaning.

Is quarantine inhibiting your freedom, or is it granting you spare time to do what you couldn’t before? Think about all the times you’ve said “If I had time I’d…” and make it happen.

Will you sulk in your solitude or utilize this spare time for something productive? See this as an opportunity to count your blessings and explore your interests. Expand your horizons!

Learn a new skill or master an old one. Now is a better time than ever to take up a new hobby or rekindle your love for an old one. The options are endless: gardening, cooking, painting, and more. Learn about yourself and make yourself a better person than you were before the shutdown.

Aside from personal development, it is equally as important to use this alotted time to sit down and really spend time with your loved ones. Everyone’s situation is different, and not all people have the luxury of a welcoming home to quarantine in or warm meals outside of school.

Be sure to connect with yourself and others. Discover or foster your interests and maintain contact with people you hold dear. Stay well and safe. Best wishes to all during these unprecedented times.