Goodbye Pitman


Maksym Zaletskyy

Hand is writing calligraphic letter starting with dear using old pen on yellow paper

Adrienne Navarette (12th), Editor

Crazy isn’t it? How things in our lives can change so abruptly and change our narrative on everything. I was never expecting to write this article so soon as I am now. If I’m being honest, I was dreading it and with that I would like to start this paper off.

Dear Pitman High School,

I want to thank you for all the memories made within your halls, for all of the friends I have made from that first day of school to my very last. To all of my classmates, I’ve enjoyed my time with you all ! Most of the students in my class, I have known since grade school. We may have not been friends but we watched one another grow into the people we are today and it’s been a pleasure.


This  school shut down hasn’t affected me as negatively as I thought it would. I was never too outgoing when it came to School events like rallys or games. Do I regret it? No, I was just unprepared. I mean, I knew my senior year would come to an end soon but  I was not aware that March 18th would be the last day I would be called a Senior. I know for some students in my class, they feel as if  their year has been taken from them, and I do feel for those seniors. In my point of view, it is what it is. If we cannot attend school anymore, there’s nothing we can really do.


My only big concern is that I will be attending college this summer. Some students I know were supposed to start college right after their last day of high school. Considering those circumstances, it would be difficult if the school decided to have us come back during the summer, to finish classes or to the postponed events that were held off due to COVID-19, when we may not be able to continue. As a student body, we must hope in the best and take this time to our advantage. I know high school isn’t always the kindest place on Earth, but I like to believe it’s these years in school that help you develop as a person; it’s a place that tests your emotions and principles. You meet some of the best people on this earth and possibly the worst. I enjoyed my four years at Pitman. I had challenges along the way but they all helped me become who I am today! I’ve met some life long friends and a loving boyfriend, and it was all through Pitman.


If I could give any advice to the classes yet to come, I would say enjoy your time! Through the hardships, there is always greatness to be found. I would want the younger students to take advantage of what we seniors didn’t get to experience this year. For example, I was not planning on going to prom but I was looking forward to grad night. To any students reading this: do what we didn’t get to do! I hope nothing like this ever happens to any other graduating class. Pitman, I hope the generations to come treat you well, hopefully better than we treated you.


Adrienne Navarette