Self-Quarantine: Keeping Yourself Entertained 


Emily Ascencio (12th), Editor

As most of you know, the current coronavirus pandemic is causing a worldwide panic as things start to escalate. The virus may not cause fatalities among age groups younger than eighty, but it is spreading quickly. Due to the virus spreading at a very rapid rate, schools have been shut down, people are working from home, and the public has been advised to self-quarantine. 

Everyone must stay away from public places so we can flatten the curve. If this virus keeps rapidly increasing, the hospitals will become full, grocery stores will be overrun with people all the time, and the quarantine will take longer to end. I’m sure many of you have your thoughts and opinions about the current situation, but for now, we just have to follow instructions and make the best of it. 

The quarantine can be very boring, but it’s times like these where people find creative ways to stay entertained. Here are just a few ways you can pass the time until we can resume our normal schedules. 


Watch a Movie with Friends

The quarantine may not allow anyone to hang out with friends or go out to public places, but there’s always Netflix Party. Recently, many people have discovered the Google Chrome extension Netflix Party. This allows people to sync up movies with their friends so they can have a long-distance movie night together. If you want to talk with your friends, the extension adds a group chat as well. If that doesn’t work out, there’s always FaceTime. 


Play a Game

There are so many games to play virtually with friends. Many people play games like Minecraft so they can build worlds together and express all the creativity they have. Others play virtual board games that allow you to link up with friends. You can download Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, etc. There are so many choices out there. It is impossible to not find something you and your friends will all enjoy. If you want to play a game on your own that’s fine too. 


Learn a New Skill 

Some people like to feel productive throughout their day. Video games and movies might not be their thing. Learning a new skill is the best way to keep a productive lifestyle. You can discover if you have a knack for cooking, learn how to paint or draw, write a short story, learn a new language, etc. The point is to try something you would never do. You might end up discovering a new hobby or potential career choice.



It is very unhealthy to sit around doing nothing all day. Make sure you are maintaining healthy habits. Just because we are quarantined doesn’t you have to stop being active all together. It doesn’t have to be anything intense either. You can always take a walk around your neighborhood, do some aerobics at home, or learn a dance routine with your family. If you want to include your friends, a simple FaceTime call will suffice. They can join you while you take that walk or even learn a dance routine with you from home. 


Do Your Homework

I know this is probably the last thing you want to do during the quarantine, but it is important to keep up with your academics. Remember, this isn’t a vacation. It is an unfortunate event that has put a few obstacles down the road to success. Make sure you are checking google classroom and keeping in touch with your teachers. Seniors can also use this as an opportunity to work on looking for scholarships and writing their essays. They can contact their counselors or the career center if they have any questions. All the information is on the Pitman Website (link here) 


Clean and Organize 

This probably sounds boring, but just imagine how satisfied you will be when you see the outcome. Watch some Mari Kondo and ask yourself, ‘Does this spark joy?’ You can finally clean out your closet and get rid of all those clothes you’ve outgrown. It could teach you how to maintain an organized lifestyle. It will also make you feel more put together and give you a fresh start.



This pandemic has brought a lot of stress and chaos for many students, parents, employees, business owners and so many more people. Maybe the best way to handle the situation at the moment is by taking some time to relax and clear your mind. Stay away from the news for a while and take a nap, prepare a bath, do some yoga, have a spa day, do whatever it is that relaxes you. It will help you destress and get all the negative energy out. 


I know times are tough, but we have to try and get through this with a positive mindset. I hope this article helped some of you find some entertainment. Stay strong pride!