“Some Good News”


Erika Ocegueda (12th), Reporter

A couple of weeks ago, the internet was blessed by the creation of a new YouTube channel. The YouTube channel’s name is “Some Good News,” and as the name suggests, it’s dedicated to spreading good news during these stressful times. The channel was made by The Office star, John Krasinski. As the creator and host of his makeshift news channel, John Krasinski has decided to spend his quarantine delivering only good news.

The channel was created several weeks ago and its first video trailered the cheerful news source it was going to be. This first video garnered over 1.8 million views, and the most viewed video has 17 million views. The number of subscribers has reached over 2.5 million! Quite a feat, given the amount of time since its conception. As of May 16th, the channel has uploaded thirteen videos. 

Clad in a suit and tie, John Krasinski shoots his videos in his home office. Behind him hangs the SGN sign, which was made by his daughters and works as the logo of the channel. Krasinski does well in submerging himself into the role of a news anchor as he delivers news with a charismatic smile; although he has this persona, his personality shines through with his constant jokes and sarcastic remarks. 

As for the content of his videos, Krasinski has stayed faithful to the purpose of his channel. Each video contains bits of “some good news”. People send Karinski bits of news, and during his videos, he’ll deliver them in a lighthearted manner. The stories are quite heartwarming. The magnitude of the stories can vary, but no matter how big or small the story is, they can all bring a smile to your face. 

There have been some noteworthy occurrences that have been made possible through the channel. One of which was the 15th-anniversary surprise The Office reunion. John Krasinski met with Steve Carell for a ten-minute segment. The small reunion between the former co-stars was conducted like an interview. They went over their time on the show, and some of their standout moments from working on it. It was a pleasant surprise for fans of the show. In the same episode, he interviewed a brave young girl who had just finished her chemotherapy treatment; her friends and family gave her a social distance friendly parade for her return home.  

In another episode, Krasinski gave a little girl a once in a lifetime experience. The girl had plans to see Hamilton, with her family, for her ninth birthday. Unfortunately, all shows were canceled because of the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the quarantine. To make up for it, Krasinski set up a Zoom meeting between himself and the girl, and also in attendance, was none other than the original cast of Hamilton! The cast performed a live rendition of the show’s opening number “Alexander Hamilton”. The performance was amazing and extremely heartwarming. I’m sure the little girl will never forget it!

SGN has achieved a lot of good during the short time it’s been around. A news source centered on only the good of the world is perfect for the times we find ourselves in. Lately, we’ve been used to receiving bad news, especially about the ways that COVID-19 has affected the people of the world. During these stressful times, it’s best to look at the good in the world, and this show allows you to do just that. If you’re feeling down about the current state of the world, I suggest taking a look at this channel’s videos. I’m sure they’ll bring a smile to your face!