What to Do When You’re Bored


Nayeli Vasquez-Valdizon (10th), Reporter

There’s always those days when we have absolutely nothing to do and all you can think of is eating or sleeping. But then you realize you don’t want to do either of those things. You can go for a walk, draw characters or any type of object you find outside. I am going to provide you with activities both males and females can do.  


After being extremely busy with work, school, or anything that had been keeping you busy we all finally have that long period of free time. Most of us enjoy those free times but there are some of us that can’t find things to occupy time with. 


The first activity for you is to try new things with your hair. Either dying your hair, having a new haircut, or even trying new hair styles. Making changes with your hair just doesn’t make you feel better, but it’s a way to get past your boredom. 


If making new changes to your hair isn’t really your thing, no worries I have tons of other activities. Drawing. If you don’t already know how to draw, then teach yourself to draw. Social media can be useful, watching videos of how to draw could boost your skills. 


Cooking and baking can really consume time. You can bake a cake for your neighbors birthday, or even cookies. Maybe you don’t know how to either bake or cook, well I assure you there are many articles and videos online on how to do these things. Maybe cook a similar food to your favorite restaurant; try challenging yourself. 


Maybe cooking or baking isn’t for you, because you know you’ll end up burning the house down. Well these other activites don’t involve fire.  Instead you can try other activities that involve going outside – AKA – nature. Going on hikes, exploring new hiking places can relieve a lot of stress. And besides hiking and taking away your boredom, it will also decrease your chances of having heart disease. Hiking will also boost your bone density, which is why hiking is a smart choice. 


If hiking is not your thing at all, you hate the feeling of it and you would rather stay home, I suggest re-watching your favorite Netflix movies. Sometimes rewatching a movie you really enjoyed won’t be as bad because it’s a movie you like. Watching a new series could also be exciting, especially if it’s a genre that interests you. There are many interesting videos on YouTube such as conspiracy theories, funny challenges, and even police investigation videos which are pretty entertaining to watch. Through all these options you will end up learning something, so it’s a good way to spend your time. 


If you think of spending your free time without your phone or any other electronics, well here’s a different activity. Rearrange your room, doing that will consume time. Trust me it will, by cleaning out your room and moving things around will consume a lot of time. Besides it taking time, your room will end up very clean and you’ll feel comfortable being there.  


Quote:  “Your success will be in direct proportion to how you spend your ´free´ time.” -Mike Dunlap