Are Drive-In Movies Making a Comeback?

Are Drive-In Movies Making a Comeback?

Brook Harper (12th), Reporter

Drive-in movies are making a comeback. They are steadily coming “back into fashion” like so many other things that our parents and grandparents enjoyed when they were young, such as scrunchies and mom jeans. 

Very few young people have been to a drive-in movie since there are very few still open and in operation. The issue with keeping these drive-in movie theatres open and in operation is that location is key, there can not be bright lights and it can not be noisy, which means they can only make money after dark, so all of this can become an issue over time. This limited time to make a profit is what has caused so many have had to close over time.

A new drive-in movie theatre has just opened in town despite the challenges. It is located just next to the fairgrounds and costs $25 for each car load of people, this is the price equivalent of only two people going to the movies.

“I haven’t heard about the new drive-in movie theater coming to Turlock. I think that’s pretty great and I feel like that it would be a great experience for people to go to a drive-in movie. When quoting someone, it has to be a separate and just watch movies with their friends or family.” is what Haileigh Faria (a senior at Pitman High School) responded when asked if she had heard about the new drive in theatre coming to our very own Turlock, California.

The new drive-in theatre, like most other drive-in theatres, will be only showing older movies. This is because for the owners to make a profit and keep the costs for the attendees down, they can not afford to pay the price for copyrights of the new movies. 

When asked if she would still like to go to the new drive in movie theatre even if it only showed old movies that she had most likely seen before, Haileigh Faria stated, “I would still go even if the movies were movies I already saw because I still like to watch movies even when I already have seen it. I’m still spending time with my friends and family and it would be a different experience then when I watched it inside a movie theater or at home.” 

This new generation wants to experience fun things that our parents and grandparents got to experience and we are interested in doing things we’ve never done before and spending time with friends and family. Drive in movie theatres let us do this. Drive in movies are in fact making a comeback.