How a 17 year old roamed freely after murdering two people


Dory Ocampo-Estrada (10th), Editor

On Tuesday, August 25 at a BLACK LIVES MATTER protest regarding African-American man, Jacob Blake who was shot by police officers there was a shooting by a 17 year old man named Kyle Rittenhouse. He brought a military-like rifle to the protest and walked with police officers and was then arrested early the next day in his home.

During this time in which he walked amongst protestors and got arrested, he was allegedly called by a local business owner who was in fear of his store being damaged since prior to that protest it had been targeted.  Kyle then showed up with two others approached by multiple protestors who he accused of threatening him and endangering his life.  When questioned later at the police station he stated that he overheard many protestors threatening to harm him and shouting “Beat him up” and then a plastic bag was thrown at him, which caused him to frantically start running around. He then hears a gunshot behind him to which he turns and fires 4 shots into a group of people going after him. He shot a man in the head which later died of the wound. After the first shooting he appeared to make a call and then overheard a group of people shout “That’s the shooter”.  Kyle then starts to run away from the crowd and trips and shoots 4 more shots – and this time shoots a man in the chest, another man is shot in the arm who appears to be carrying a handgun. 


After the shootings Kyle Rittenhouse ran up to the police officers with his hands up and protestors told the officers that he just shot people. The police officers ran past him and went to go attend those affected. The police then showed up at his house the day afterward and arrested him. It soon came out that prior to this incident Kyle was known for being pro-police and for the Blue Lives Matter cause. Many people used this to say his intentions were not to protect but to cause harm to the BLM protestors.

Another thing that is going public is people supporting Kyle’s actions saying he had every right to do what he did and he shouldn’t be charged with anything, there are multiple petitions to get Rittenhouse dropped of all charges ( first degree intentional homicide). He also was bearing an arm underage which is illegal in the state of Wisconsin, and will be used against him.

This is a very public issue that many have expressed their grief and anger about. Many claim that with this action many will try to follow in Rittenhouse’s footsteps and claim they are protecting the police, business, etcetera and then cause fatalities and say it was all in the name of right.