Money Heist Part 5: The Finale


Kaci Davis (12th), Reporter

La Casa de Papel, otherwise known as Money Heist, is a Spanish heist crime show that was a hit all around the world produced by Alex Pina. It received several awards, including Best Drama Series at the Emmy awards, along with being the most watched non-english show in 2018. If you haven’t seen it I’ll give a little bit of a background.

Money Heist is a heist crime drama that focuses on “The Profesor” (Alvaro Morte) and 8 other individuals and their journey planning and leading 2 heists, one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and the other on the Bank of Spain. The first heist was on the Royal Mint of Spain and lasted 11 days with 67 hostages. While inside, they planned a way out and printed the money. After succeeding in the heist, they all went into hiding around the world. After a while and not keeping in touch, one of them gets captured by the police. In order to get him back, the professor brings them all back together, which begins the planning of the second heist on the Bank of Spain, the most daring one yet. They succeed in the first part of the heist, they lock down the building with all of the hostages inside and all things seem to be going good. Something ends up going wrong and one of the robbers gets killed along with the Profesor being found by his enemy. The last season ends on a cliffhanger leaving watchers wondering what will happen in part 5. 

I am hoping that everything ends up turning out good. I would like to see the Professor’s enemy join him and end up helping him with the heist. I am also hoping that the quality gets a little bit better from the last season because I felt that it has gone downhill since the beginning seasons. I talked to some others and asked them what they thought about the past couple seasons and their thoughts on season 5 coming out.

I asked a couple friends that also watch Money Heist what they think about the new season coming out as well as what they thought about the last seasons that there were. Here are their responses:


Q:  How did you like the last seasons of Money Heist? What did you like about them?


A: Faith Dyer (10th) “Hmm I really enjoyed the first seasons. It was very entertaining. I didn’t like how Raquel forgave Angel very quickly when he insulted her. I also didn’t like how everyone seemed to accept Raquel into the group so easily either”

    Grady Owen (12th) “I do think that the quality from the first two seasons to the most recent ones went down (just my opinion)…but the most recent ones were not fulfilling after the first two seasons.”


Q: What do you think about part 5 of Money Heist, what are you expecting from it?


A: Faith Dyer, “…in the next season I want to see Tokyo and Rio get back together and I want Nairobi’s son to know about his mom”

    Grady Owen, “I am looking forward to part five just so that we can see the second heist finished up…”


With season 5 being the finale, I am hoping to see lots of action and a good outcome. Just like my friends, I want to know the outcome of the heist and whether or not they pull it off. Hopefully the quality will be better than the last and we get some of our questions answered.