Should students be allowed to use phones in class?

Should students be allowed to use phones in class?

Cerinity Quinonez (9th), Reporter

Students should be able to use their phones during class. I think this because phones have many good tools and more resources for students to use. It can also help students stay on top of classwork and homework. They can help students create better studying habits, organization skills, and time management.

Although there are some cons to allowing students to use their phones.  For example, they could be texting, gaming, as well as doing things that are inappropriate and cheating on important tests. 

Alynda – a 9th grader at Grady High School says, “In my opinion it doesn’t really matter if we could use phones in class or not, because yes they are a helpful tool sometimes, but they can also be a great distraction while students are in class although I do love being on my phone I know it will distract me from doing my school work. Teachers should let students use phones ONLY when they need help or when they have free time.” 

After hearing her opinion it made me change the way I thought about students using cell phones. After I heard that I decided it wouldn’t be a very good idea because grades would drop A LOT and students wouldn’t be focused on their school work they would be too focused on what’s in either their hand or pocket. 

In an article I read it stated: “Using social media can keep students interested in class and encourage them to participate in discussion. Some teachers create Twitter hashtags or message boards students can use during class discussions to share thoughts and ideas. This can be especially helpful for students who might not be comfortable speaking in class.” 

I strongly disagree with what the writer of this article has stated because students should be able to have class discussions without having to look at a screen and actually engage in the conversation, and not to mention students may not even be on what the teacher has asked them to be on.

I think students should learn to get off their phones and participate and speak in class. So for the topic “should students be allowed to use phones” my new opinion on it is no they shouldn’t unless they are using it for ONLY school things and not being on social media.