The Future of Messi


Kareli Gutierrez (12th), Reporter

If you happen to be interested in the world of soccer, you have most likely heard the name ‘Messi.’ He is, as some would say, one of the best soccer players there has ever been and has been recognized for playing with Barcelona, but what happens when there is talk that he might leave the team? How does the future look?

There are a couple of reasons why many think Messi is deciding to leave Barcelona for good. One reason is that it is believed that Messi wants to leave is because he wants to move on from Barcelona and see if he can start racking up some wins. Not that Barcelona doesn’t rack up wins, but people believe that he may think he has better chances of winning somewhere else. That he has better chances of winning the Champion League with another team since he hasn’t been able to with Barcelona.

It is also believed that he may want to leave because he wants to reunite with his former coach, Pep Guardiola,  which moved to coach Manchester City. Messi and he used to have a close relationship when he coached Barcelona. They want to reunite with his former coach which may lead to his departure; not to mention that Messi just might not agree with Barcelona’s ways anymore.

When Azriel Gutierrez, a fan of Messi and Barcelona, was asked why he thought Messi wanted to leave the team he responded, “He doesn’t like how the club has been managed by the president.” 

It can be guessed just how much shock this news spread. Many fans were deeply saddened and angry. They even went as far as to demand that the club president resign. But, there are also celebrities that reacted to the news. 

NBC Sports shows some of these celebrity posts. Carles Puyol, a teammate of Messi’s, says, “Respeto y admiración, Leo. Todo mi apoyo, amigo.” He is basically congratulating Messi on his decision and telling him that he respects his decision and that he has his full support. There are many more celebrities that gave Messi their support.

Barcelona, Manchester City, or anywhere else that he decides to stay or go, it’s his decision. Even if Messi leaves the team, it’s important to remember that he’s just another human being making the decision he thinks it’s best for him and that it is important to respect his opinion and not send hate towards him. The world of soccer will always be changing, just like everything else so it’s no use trying to stop it. Plus, only the future can tell.