The Gender Wage Gap


Josie Swanson (9th), Editor

The gender wage gap is an apparent issue in our world today and there is no excuse for the relentless sexism in our society. In a study done by Pew Research Center, a majority of men and women agreed that something needs to be done about the gap in salary between genders. So why is it still here?
As far as anyone can tell, the gender pay gap persists simply through the old fashioned beliefs that women had to stay in the typical “feminine” jobs. These jobs, most likely uncoincidentally, paid less and have continued to over the years, despite laws against gender discrimination. 

Currently, as of 2020, women make on average 82 cents per dollar that males make in the uncontrolled pay gap . In the controlled pay gap (exact same job, credentials, and qualifications), females make two cents less per dollar. That may not seem like a lot but it certainly adds up. 

Simply put, it’s inexcusable that in this day and age, a woman can work just as hard and do just as much, just to earn a noticeable amount less than their male counterparts. 

Carly Wistler, a 9th grader from Pitman High School, is interested in a career in environmental science. Environmental science jobs have a significant pay gap between males and females of 14.1%. That means that women make 86 cents for every dollar a man makes.

She says that she has done a lot of research on the gender pay gap and she believes that the gender pay gap exists because of outdated beliefs on sexism and the cycle of men being in power so men stay in power. 

Carly responds to the pay gap statistics in environmental science by saying, “I think all women should be an advocate for equal pay rights and even though I think it’s wrong we live in a world where women have to work harder than men do just to be paid the same, I believe it is necessary. So… this statistic does make me want to work harder, even though I shouldn’t have to.”

Plenty of women know this is the case, having to work harder in a society where they have to to make the same salary as men. 

Over the past 5 years, the gap has been closing. Although really, not fast enough. The controlled gap only decreased by one cent in five years and the uncontrolled by seven cents. American Association of University Women predicts that the pay gap will continue at a gradual pace, only reaching 85% in 2035, 15 years away. 

Our nation is stuck in an unreasonable era of women making less than men that needs to be fixed. It’s unfair that women have to fight for every penny they deserve and yet they do. So they will keep fighting until hopefully soon enough, our world gets what’s coming to it; A whole lot of gender equality.