The Impact of Global Warming

The Impact of Global Warming

Isadora Zamora (12th), Reporter

What is Global Warming?

The rapid change in our earth’s temperature is known as Global warming. Global warming has always been a serious issue but has become more well known now that people begin to recognize the drastic change in our environment. Because of this, temperatures have risen across the world and natural disasters continue to strike more than usual. People are facing the consequence of global warming and continue to hope for the better. 

The Cause

Global warming is caused by the greenhouse gasses that are released into the environment through different ways. According to the United States Environmental Protection, 28% of greenhouse gasses are distributed through transportation, 27% is through industry and the rest are from agriculture and residential areas. After asking local turlock resident, Julian Reyna “What are some changes you’ve noticed because of global warming?” Reyna responded with: “Due to global warming, i’ve noticed a lot of wildfires, hurricanes and lightning strikes that have affected our cities and forests. This ultimately affects us with the smokey weather outside or the ashes falling down.”As of right now in 2020, there are multiple wildfires, a majority in california. There is also a hurricane taking place in Louisiana known as “Hurricane Laura.” These disasters could be linked to global warming because of the rising temperatures that it creates. 

The Solution

There are a plethora of options that anyone is able to do to prevent global warming. Considering transportation is the main cause, a possible solution would be to limit the amount of times you use a vehicle that releases emissions. Carpooling, or taking the bus every once in a while could greatly limit the amount of emissions that are released into our environment. Large industries remain the second greatest cause of global warming. An example of this is the dairy industry which is responsible for releasing 22.5% of emissions according to the DairyNZ. The simplest solution for this would be to just not support these industries. Resorting to veganism or even cutting back on dairy products could greatly help. These are just some ways that anyone could help with global warming. There are many different other ways to prevent it from getting worse but it is up to us to all do our part. We only get one Earth so it is important to care for it as you would for your own home.