How to Celebrate Halloween During this Pandemic!

How to Celebrate Halloween During this Pandemic!

Simeon Zaragoza (12th), Reporter

During this crazy pandemic, one might be asking, “How can I celebrate Halloween this year?”  With Covid-19, there are a lot of restrictions about celebrating Halloween including no trick-or-treating this year. Today I will be presenting ideas to help you and your family celebrate this spooky season. 


One idea to celebrate Halloween this year is go to your local drive-in theater like one here in Turlock and watch a scary movie with family and friends (socially distanced and precautious of course). Another idea is gather family and friends and watch a scary movie at home instead of a drive-in theater. You guys will definitely be spooked after! 


Another idea (especially for teens) is to have a Halloween FaceTime party! Family and friends can all dress up, play online games and even have a pumpkin carving contest on FaceTime! This activity will certainly be liked by all your family and friends!


With your family, another idea (especially for kids) is to have a family dress-up competition, you guys can all dress-up and see who has the best costume and you guys can make fun prizes and hand them out to the winners! According to The Real Deal By RetailMeNot, another idea for family and friends is to have a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. All you need is Easter eggs, glow sticks, candy, and what you would do is after dark, stick your glow sticks and candy in the Easter eggs and place them around the house or your backyard and have your family and friends find the eggs. This would indubitably be a great idea for little kids.


Another idea from The Real Deal By RetailMeNot, is to have a Halloween themed scavenger hunt, this will absolutely please your friends and family!  Another idea is to cook Halloween themed foods, for example pumpkin shaped fruit, sandwiches or cookies. The last idea I have for celebrating Halloween is to have family and friends decorate your house, this will really leave your friends and family spooked! Hope these ideas help you guys celebrate Halloween this year! Stay Safe!