NBA Finals


Nick Ashak (9th), Reporter

The 2020 NBA Finals are really interesting. Representing the West are the bandwagoned….oops, I meant Los Angeles Lakers, led by 2 of the best players at their position, Lebron James and Anthony Davis. Representing the East are the Underdog Miami Heat. They were the 5th seed in the entire East Conference. The run this team has had to make the Finals was insane, beating teams with All Stars, MVPs, and many more.

Now, I do want the Lakers to win this. I loved Kobe Bryant as a kid and he was a big inspiration to my love of sports. I like Anthony Davis, I had a jersey of his a few years back. I also like Lebron, I am not a diehard fan but he is pretty cool. I am a Bulls fan, nowhere near a Lakers fan though.

I like the Heat, but I like the Lakers more. This article is not about that, though. This is about how the Miami Heat rose to dominance.

In the 2019 NBA offseason, superstar Jimmy Butler left the 76ers, claiming that he wanted to go to a team that ¨wins.¨ The Miami Heat, the team he signed with, did not represent that claim, which caused for a controversial signing. 

The following weeks led up to the NBA draft. With the 13th pick, they took Tyler Herro, a huge part of where they are today. They were ready after that.

Their roster consisted of Veteran talent of Udonis Haslem and Andre Igoudala, and rising stars in Bam Adebayo, Duncan Robinson, and Kendrick Nunn. There are other players on the roster that are experienced such as Goran Dragic and Jae Crowder. Adding a potential potentially a future hall of famer iIn Jimmy Butler and the rookie Tyler Herro would be dominant, right?

It was. They finished 44-29 and finished 1st and their division and 5th/16 in their conference. 

In the first round, they had an easy matchup. The Indiana Pacers, despite having a better record than the Heat, they got swept 4-0. This started the insaneness of Bam and Tyler. The next series was a tough one. The 1st seed Bucks had the LEAGUE MVP in Giannis Antetokounmpo, and many more stars like Brook and Robin Lopez, Kris Middleton and Eric Bledsoe. Giannis, being the face of the NBA, finally wanted to make a deep run in the playoffs.

Haha, nope. They lost the series 4-1. This led to rumors to Giannis leaving the team although he did not, but that is a different story.

The Eastern Conference Finals were not easy, as they played against a star studded Boston Celtics team but they won the series 4-2. This is when Bam and Tyler became stars and well watched players, and everyone else on the team did well. 

So now they are in the NBA Finals! A team that was not even supposed to make it to the playoffs itself is now playing for a championship. Insane. 

The finals are not over yet at the time of writing this, but the team they are playing against, the Lakers, are currently winning the series at 2-1. The Lakers are really good, but the Heat have shown flashes that they are here to take the lead back. 

I asked my dad, a Lebron fan, who he wanted to win the series. As you can expect from a Lebron fan….the Heat, totally. No, the Lakers.

I also asked my friend, same age as me, who also goes to Pitman his opinion on the finals. He does not like Lebron at all so he wants the Heat to win. He is a warriors fan so I get his opinion.