Pride Cafe – Season 1: Episode 2

Mr. Partan

Due to COVID 19, we are unable to hold in-person concerts for our friends and family in Turlock, CA. However, we proudly present this first season of our beloved concert, Pride Cafe. Each episode will have 2 to 3 musical offerings and you will learn about each student’s interpretation of the piece they perform. Please enjoy this second episode of Pride Cafe, Season 1! Disclaimer for the Pride Cafe, Season 1. – No profit will be made through these online concert episodes. – All music is performed by Pitman Choir members, Tiger Choir members, Mrs. Beverly Vanderlinden, the accompanist, and Mr. Yohan Partan, director of Pitman Choir and Tiger Choir. – Softwares used in the production are Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro. – Hard copies of all performed choral pieces were purchased through JW Pepper. – Each cover song is correctly credited to the composer and is under the category of educational fair use. Through performing these cover songs, each performer had an opportunity to make a significant contribution to their individual vocal growth.