The Challenges Of Distance Learning And A Possible Solution


Isadora Zamora (12th), Reporter

Worldwide Pandemic

2020, a year so significant in history. A year where the world was struck with a global pandemic known as the Coronavirus. With this deadly outbreak, people have been recommended to self distance themselves in hopes of containing the sickness. This recommended self distancing is known as “Quarantine” and has been set in place during the time of school. This has resorted in “Distance learning” or Online school as we know. 


Struggles with Online learning

Online school has become a part of routine as teachers, parents, and students have learned to adapt. Knowing that It can be hard to rely on internet connection and technology, there are many concerns about online school. After interviewing local teacher, George Santos, at John H. Pitman High School, I asked, “What are some struggles you face during online school?” Santos replied with: “Time Management because i’m used to having 50 minutes in class and now we only have 30 minutes. I also struggle with interaction…I ask a question and get nothing back because we’re in front of a computer screen. It’s difficult to read you guys and build personal connections when I’m staring at 30 computer screens.” -George Santos. This is one of the concerns with online school. From a students point of view, I also asked a local 8th grader at Turlock Jr. High, “How has online school impacted your daily routine?” In response, she said: “I feel tied down. Homework is harder to understand because i’m not actually there with the teacher.” -Lilly Reyna. As you can imagine, most likely everyone is facing some new challenges with online school.


A solution for online school

With the many dislikes and struggles towards online school, many people have questioned what a possible solution could be so that life could go back to normal. One solution for keeping the virus contained would be to properly quarantine. Proven by, “Quarantine of people exposed to confirmed cases may avert high proportions of infections and death compared to no measures.” In other words, quarantine prevents the spread of Coronavirus and once the Coronavirus is contained, online school will no longer be needed and regular school will once again be able to resume. Ultimately, it’s up to you to do your part which will determine if online school continues or not. With determination, and hardwork, together we can overcome anything by staying safe and smart.