Why Winter is Better Than Summer

Why Winter is Better Than Summer

Karla Lara (9th), Reporter

I think that winter is better than summer because my favorite holidays come around that time, like Christmas. And the cold weather isvso good to wake up to. For Christmas you can celebrate it with your family and all be together; you can also go to the snow or it can snow where you live. It just depends, but playing in the snow and seeing the snowflakes drop down is so pretty and relaxing and fun to watch and have fun with your friends.

In winter you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or hot chocolate with your family – summer really doesn’t let us do that because the temperature is too hot and it won’t be as enjoyable.

You can also wear your comfortable clothes, big jackets and sweats because it’s going to be cold and it is far more comfortable.  Most importantly Christmas!  You can open presents together as a family and enjoy the food, desserts, and play games and have fun. Christmas shopping, getting gifts for each other and giving gifts to others because that’s a great feeling. Decorate the Christmas tree and decorate outside to make it look pretty.

Winter is better than summer because it’s a good time to lay down on the couch with comfortable clothes on and drinking hot coco and watching movies with your family; it’s the best feeling ever. And making cookies and cakes and other desserts because baking is so fun when you do it with other people.

Some other fun things you can do is ice skating.  You can learn and have fun – it’s a great way to get some fresh air. Sledding is awesome, you don’t have to be skilled to do that and it doesn’t matter your age – you can just do it and enjoy the time.

My favorite of all time is holiday decorations: lights down the streets, you can walk around and see the beautiful houses lit-up or you can drive around the neighborhoods.  And seeing winter sunrises are the best and they are so breathtaking because of how beautiful it is to see the sun rise.

A ton of great movies are released in the wintertime, or Christmas movies a good time to watch movies with your family and enjoy the time. You can get great deals on travel, and travel to new places and see new things. Those are some reasons why I think winter is better than summer.