E-Reading vs. Reading


Calli Noriega (10th), Editor

Due to the advances in technology, there have been opportunities for people to read electronic books rather than physical books. There are various brands of E-books that were recently created by Kindle, Nook, and Kobo Glo which are also available to everybody. Many readers have a handful of questions about which would be better for them and aren’t aware of the benefits and drawbacks of both types of reading. A lot of adults and children have either read both types of books or one over the other.

The purpose of the E-books is to store multiple books onto one device, making it easier for readers so that they would not have to check out different books from their local libraries or stores. E-readers would be able to download E-books from a computer or even read them from a memory card. Whilst, someone would only have to go to their local library to check out a single book, along with other books in the future. Both adults and children have varying views on which type of book is better for them, other people, and in general. 


Local City of Turlock resident, Rigo Noriega, was asked “What do you think are the benefits and drawbacks of electronically reading books? Could it cause problems in the future?” His reply was, “I think electronically reading books could cause eye strain or eye problems in the future, health issues. Maybe even neck strain or headaches. It’s exposure to blue light. You don’t have to worry about ripping pages or discoloration or the actual breakdown of the paper. There aren’t any smells to it either. It’s also more convenient because you have it in one place and efficient storage for books and magazines. But you would have to be able to remember to charge the E-book regularly.” The interviewer gives many great ideas and perspectives on the pros and cons of electronic books as a whole. There seems to be quite a few health issues the E-books could cause in the future if everybody were to start electronically reading. 


To see the different viewpoints on this topic from an adult and child, John H. Pitman High School sophomore, Simret Khinda, was given the question “During the past few years, have you found yourself reading more paperback or electronic books? Why do you think that is?” She answered, “I like reading regular books but E-books are easier to access and have more options on what you want to read all in one computer than going back and forth to a library or bookstore. Regular books don’t hurt my eyes as much as electronic books do, so that’s why I prefer them over E-books.” In her response, she included her own personal opinion on both books and some drawbacks and benefits. She also brings focus to how electronic books could hurt our eyes more than regular books because of the screen and light. 


From the two answers revolving around the idea of E-books versus books, you can see that most people prefer regular physical books rather than electronic books. It all really comes down to personal preference when choosing which type of books to read or what is better for that person. Both types have their own benefits and drawbacks that readers could look into for the choice they’ll make.