How to Celebrate Christmas in 2020!


Simeon Zaragoza (12th), Reporter

Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmastime! Especially after all we have all gone through as a country, it’s CRAZY! Pretty soon it’s going to be 2021, who would have thought 2020 would fly by this fast. Before we get there, let’s talk about Christmas 2020. 


Recently California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, issued a stay at home order on December 6th of 2020. This stay at home order has implemented even more stricter rules and guidelines regarding social gatherings etc. With that being said, one might be wondering how to even celebrate Christmas this year? Well, just your luck, I’m here to help everyone of you guys figure out what to do for Christmas this year, even with these new guidelines and restrictions concerning COVID-19. 


One idea on how to celebrate Christmas this year is to have a Facetime/Zoom Christmas party! All you need is your family that you have been quarantined with and a device that’s able to access facetime or Zoom. Then all you need to do next is invite friends and family to join your call and have some FUN. This would definitely work for friends and family that live far away. 


Another idea on how to celebrate Christmas this year is to have a family Christmas watch party. All you need is the people that you are quarantining with and you guys can watch your favorite Christmas movies; this will definitely cheer up the kids! If you are quarantined by yourself, don’t worry, you can always Zoom or Facetime your friends and family and watch a Christmas movie together.


The last idea on how to celebrate Christmas is to make Christmas themed food. For example, baking Christmas cookies, making Christmas shaped sandwiches or making a gingerbread house. This project will be fun for everybody. Making this type of food will not only be good to eat, but enjoyable to eat. If you are lost on what to make that is Christmas themed, there are a lot of useful tips on the internet. I suggest starting by going on to get you familiarized on what to make. I promise you, this will be fun for you and everybody!


While figuring out ideas about celebrating Christmas, I asked my fellow peers about how they are celebrating this year! 


When I  asked Haley Kowtko, a Junior at Pitman High school, she stated: “My family and I are going to be going over to my aunt’s house this year.. We only really see my aunt and we’re making sure we quarantine before we go over.”


I also asked Maryann Godje, a Senior at Pitman High School and she stated: “Usually, my family would celebrate Christmas by attending morning mass at our church and then going to our cousin’s house for Christmas dinner. However, this year we are going to stay at home and have our own little family dinner. We will make sure to contact our relatives and wish them a Merry Christmas, too! With the way things are right now, I hope we can (safely) celebrate the holidays again next year.”


Lastly, I asked Gisseli Aguilar, a Senior at Pitman High and she stated: “Each year for Christmas, me and my brother spend Christmas Eve with our dad and stay at their house until Christmas morning and then go back to our mom’s house. Then when we get back with our mom and other brother to church, and later in the day our mom’s side of the family would come to our house and we would celebrate there.”


I hope these ideas and interviews help you figure out how to celebrate Christmas this year. I know this year was a tough year for a lot of people, but don’t give up! In the meantime, enjoy going through it with these activities that will surely brighten up your day. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!