Standardized Testing not Needed for College Applications this Year

Standardized Testing not Needed for College Applications this Year

Brook Harper (12th), Reporter

This year’s class of 2021 has recently been told that because of COVID-19 and the early closing of school for the school year 2019-2020, they do not need SAT or ACT scores to apply and get into colleges. This is because many students had planned to take their tests in the spring of 2020 but were unable to do so because of COVID-19.

When asked about if he had taken the ACT or SAT yet and how he felt about the tests not being required for college applications, senior Johnpaul F. said, “No haven’t. I was going to take it at the end of last school year, but it was cancelled due to the Covid-19 situation. I feel a little bit better because I feel a little less pressure and stress because I don’t have to study for the SAT, but I will say I am nervous of how colleges will now be accepting students now.”

This seemed to be a common trend for seniors at pitman. Many are relieved that they do not need to worry about getting a good score that will get them into college but are also a little worried now that they have less for colleges to look at on their applications.

Despite the SAT and ACT not being required, colleges are still recommending that if you did already take one or both, that you still attach them to your applications. This has then raised the question of whether or not those students will have an advantage and get into schools more easily. When questioned, california colleges said it would not give those students an advantage, however it would be helpful to the admissions office and would help them see more of the type of student you are.

“I would hope that having these tests would not give people an advantage, so much has changed throughout this year, it seems unfair to judge students based on their availability to take the tests” stated Sara C. when asked if she thought that the students who have these scores, despite them being optional for the class of 2021, will influence their being admitted to the schools in a positive manner and give those students a competitive advantage.

Hopefully the colleges are truthful in saying that having or not having these scores will not affect whether or not the student is admitted. Having to apply for college, especially in a pandemic and from home is stressful enough, so it is of some reassurance that the SAT and ACT is not something that the class of 2021 will need to take to get into college.