Thanksgiving Celebrations During this Pandemic


Simeon Zaragoza (12th), Reporter

Thanksgiving finally came! One might be asking themselves, how could I have celebrated Thanksgiving this year? Since we are all in a pandemic, we can only do so much when it comes to social gatherings, travel, and celebrating holidays. Here are some ideas on how Thanksgiving could have been celebrated during this pandemic.

First, an idea on how Thanksgiving could have been celebrated is to have a Zoom Thanksgiving! All you would need is a device that is able to do any type of FaceTime calls, Skype or Zoom. Then whenever you and your family were ready to eat, you could have invited more family members to your call, it would be a tiny bit chaotic on the call, BUT it would be better than nothing!

Another idea on how you could have celebrated Thanksgiving is to have had a socially distanced Thanksgiving. In order to execute this plan safely according to the CDC, all you would do is to make sure you know which family members are going, on the day they arrive make sure they don’t have any symptoms. Then what you would do is when you guys were ready to eat, you guys could eat at socially distanced tables, one for each family. That way you guys are socially distanced, but able to talk and have family time!

I asked Gretta James, a 12th Grade Student at Pitman High School, on how she celebrated Thanksgiving, her response was: 

“My family and I spent Thanksgiving at home. It was just be me, my mom, and my little brother. We wanted to keep family and friends safe this year so we didn’t travel this time. I was excited to reflect on everything that has happened this year and really appreciate the things that have got me through the pandemic!”

I also asked Isabelle Zendejas, a 12th Grade Student at Pitman High School, on how she and her family celebrated Thanksgiving, she stated:

“So [my family] stayed home and cooked all together like we did when I used to live in LA ! Everyone had a job to make something so that it’s not just my mom cooking!”

According to Teambuilding’s article on how to celebrate Thanksgiving, one idea they mentioned is to have a Thanksgiving themed scavenger hunt around your house. This idea would be great for little kids and great for family bonding. This game is really fun for the family and you guys are able to create the game on your own and be able to personalize it.     

I hope each and everyone of you guys have a safe and fun holiday season this year!