The Gender Debate


Gabriella Crawford-Willey (10th), Reporter

There are many ways people express themselves and gender is one of them. The gender debate has been a hot topic in many groups. That debate being the one that questions the identities outside of the gender binary. 


Regardless of opinion, different scientific gender and sex studies have shown that identifying outside of the binary is completely valid, and I couldn’t agree more. An article done by Harvard University titled, “Between the (Gender) Lines: the Science of Transgender Identity” explains the science of those who identify as transgender and has great information around these subjects.  


Gender is something that most people don’t even have to think about. Such as myself: I’ve always felt comfortable with terms such as girl, and she/her pronouns, but according to the Polaris Teen Center over 150,000 people in the U.S identify outside of the gender binary. Even though I don’t fit in this group – many people do, and face struggles that most people will never have to experience. 


No matter what my opinions are there will always be people who live to tear others down. Lots bash subjects, and even identities just because they won’t even take the time to understand them. Breaking the stigma on topics such as gender starts with taking the time to learn about the things you don’t understand. 


“The Gender Debate” can be difficult for groups that are religious, and those who are under-educated on the matter, but not agreeing with something is very different from not letting those who don’t fit the “norm” live how they chose to. Everyone deserves the right to be themselves. 


In life there are going to be difficult subjects and topics to discuss, but not talking about them is not an option. I will never be able to understand what growing up and trying to figure out gender feels like because to so many of us it’s easy, and that’s also why ridiculing those who don’t fit what society labels as normal needs to stop because we are all in the end just human. 


Whatever opinions, thoughts, and feelings you possess about this “debate,” people’s identities, sense of self, and pronouns need to be respected. We all have our struggles, and battles to fight in life so it’s important to not make others struggles even harder with hate, and misinformation.