What Does it Mean When you Dream?


Sean Forte Richard (9th), Editor

I know everyone knows what dreams are and that we have them while sleeping, but what does it do and mean when this occurs. What actually happens when you dream is that your brain enters rapid eye movement or REM, sleep. As you cycle through REM your eyes move rapidly tucked behind your closed eyelids. Your breath rate increases and your body becomes paralyzed for a certain amount of time while we dream.


When you dream it is most commonly due to a coincidence, a false memory that you may have had, or simply your mind connecting with your body and gathering information. Dreams have the potential to cause someone to learn more about feelings, values and other things that they desire. Images and symbols in dreams have specific meanings and connection to each individual person who has them. 


Why someone should dream is because when you do it is because you want something or someone new and necessary in your life. It brings about levels of excitement which makes you stay focused to achieve the goals that you have for yourself. With all of this in mind, you should be serious about dreaming because you need to make sure it drastically improves your life.


I asked my mom if she dreams and she said,’’Yes I do it all the time.¨ I asked her what she dreams about and she said, ‘’I don’t remember, but I think I dream about life; such as bettering myself, my job, and things like that.’’


As we can tell from the article it is really important to dream and can mean a multitude of positive things for people who do.