Favorite/ good places to travel


Karla Lara (9th), Reporter

There are so many places to travel.  One of my favorite places to travel is Mexico because I can go see my grandparents and some of my friends there.  Another place that’s good t0 go travel is Hawaii because it’s a nice place to be and explore, and learn new things about Hawaii.

I have not been to Hawaii but it looks like a good place to travel and have a vacation with family. I asked my brother and he said he would like to travel to Paris because it looks so beautiful and there is something new to explore each day.  His favorite place to travel is Texas because its really big and there’s so many fun things you can do.  My brother also likes Texas because we have family over there we can all visit.

I also asked my sister and she told me she really likes traveling to Los Angeles because they have Disneyland and Universal Studios and those place are really fun and her favorite part are the rides.  She also likes it because there’s a lot of places to walk; plenty of stores and just walking around and exploring Los Angeles – hoping to meet some of the famous influences who live there.

I asked my cousin about her favorite place to travel and she said she really likes going to the snow with her family.  It is fun to rent a cabin and play in the snow…just enjoying life with your family.  She also likes going to Mexico, too, because we have family over there and their food is so good and just a wonderful place to travel.

I asked my dad what his favorite places to travel are and he said it would be Las Vegas because there’s casinos and he really likes walking at night in Las Vegas.  He says,  “it is very beautiful at night,” and he also likes to travel to El Paso because his sister lives there.

Wherever you like to travel – do it!