What School was like Then vs Now


Sean Forte Richard (9th), Editor

I remember when I actually had to walk to each class, instead of having to click on each Google Classroom icon and hoping my internet doesn’t mess up and hoping that Zoom doesn’t take forever to load the actual meeting. Now that I think about it face-to-face is much easier than online learning because of all the factors that come with distance learning. Just to clarify, I didn’t say it was better I just said easier, so calm down.

Differences between online and face-to-face learning is that I actually got to see people and now people have their cameras off, or their cameras are to the ceiling. Also, in face-to-face learning we were actually able to interact with one another and communicate, but now students barely talk and are nervous to talk to the teacher, let alone one another. In face-to-face people actually complemented one another on their clothing and now nobody really cares about what someone wears.


Some people would prefer face-to-face better than online learning because of their mental health severely suffering due to having to deal with online education. To further expand on this, people feel alone because they don’t interact with anyone. Another thing is people think face-to-face is much simpler for them because it’s just getting ready, going to classes and going home, but now its open your chromebook, go to your classes, wait for your teacher to allow you into the Zoom meeting and then you go into your class.


Other students would argue that online learning is actually easier because students can just be in their pajamas, but in-person learning students have to look presentable. Students would also say that they preferred online learning because you can simply lay in your bed or on the couch, but in in-person school you sit on rockhard chairs that make your butt numb.


I asked my friend Lucas if he likes face-to-face or online learning better and he says he likes “them both because face-to-face is more natural and you get to actually talk to classmates, but in online learning you can chill in whatever you wear and barely pay attention.”  I asked him what is one thing that he took for granted with in-person learning and he said, “All of my friends that I would see everyday because now  I rarely see them.”


I think that face-to-face is better because of the communication and interaction with other people that you need, but there are many pros and cons to both online learning and face-to-face learning. So I ask which one do you like better: online learning or in-person learning?