Why Airlines Shouldn’t Adopt Stand-up Seats


Salvador Tamayo-Iniguez (9th), Reporter

Stand-up seats are seats but you don’t really sit; you sit down but you are still technically standing. It’s like a seat with the backrest but in the actual seat portion there is just a line in the middle where your legs go on each side and you like squat or you can sit, but if you stay like that for more than 2 minutes it starts to hurt and is very uncomfortable.


Airlines shouldn’t get stand-up seats because obviously they are really uncomfortable and cheap.  It could have long term effects and cost the airline money.  Although the airline can save money on these cheaply made seats, it may also cause many fliers to avoid airlines with these seats because of discomfort. Even if airlines are thinking of getting stand-up seats they can’t get them any time soon because stand-up seats are meant to squish in more people per flight, but because of COVID – and you are required to social distance – airlines won’t get them because in the meantime they would waste money on seats that would hardly get used.


Airlines these days feel very crowded and if they get stand up seats they are going to feel even more crowded. COVID and regular airplane seats are bad enough…we don’t need stand-up seats in there as well to be squished next to more people.