Hopes and Goals for 2021!


Simeon Zaragoza (12th), Reporter

We are finally coming out of 2020 and coming into 2021…FINALLY! 2020 has been a rough year for a lot of people, especially with our current pandemic, we can’t do a lot of things. Despite the pandemic, we all managed to stay safe and healthy and we even survived the virus! 


Now it’s the dawn of a new year, many people have hopes and dreams of what this new year is going to be like. Many of us have already started our New Year’s Resolution list, but some of us don’t know what to expect or even do in this New Year. My tip for any of you Go-Getters is to start a realistic New Year’s Resolution list! Some people don’t like this idea because they think that you are setting yourself up to fail. As long as you make realistic goals for yourself, I think you’re setting yourself up to NOT fail and also you’re making sure you stay accountable to your goals! I feel that making realistic goals for yourself will make you more accountable and a better person during this pandemic. 


Speaking of goals and hopes for the new year, I asked some of my fellow classmates about what their hopes are for the new year. Victoria Spears, a Senior at Pitman High School shared her hopes for this upcoming year,


“My hope for 2021 is that we might be able to return to a bit of normalcy. Things were crazy in 2020, and they’re not suddenly going to get better in 2021, but I do hope that we are able to begin working through everything that is going on.”


Next, I asked my classmate Gretta James who is also a Senior at Pitman High School, her response was,


“My hope for 2021 is that people will become more educated on the issues they might not find themselves to be affected by personally, but that affect others around them, and spread awareness about those issues! I also hope that people are smart and safe about COVID and get the vaccine when it is available, and to overall have a mindset that thinks about others and what they are going through and actively try and help those who need it!”


Lastly I asked another senior at Pitman High School, Viviana Mendez on her hopes for 2021, her response was:


“What I hope for 2021 is that my class will have some sort of graduation or something special!”


2020 was a difficult year for all of us,but If we stay positive, follow COVID-19 regulations, keeping our mind busy with realistic goals, I know this year will be amazing, especially for our 2021 graduating class! Stay Positive and Safe, welcome to 2021! WE GOT THIS!