Deshaun Watson Saga


Nick Ashak (9th), Reporter

Deshaun Watson is one of the best quarterbacks and honestly one of the best overall athletes in the NFL. Because of this, he is popular with the media.

Now he is even MORE popular with the media as he has been accused of sexual assault. Not just by one girl. Not two. Not three. TEN. TEN girls have filed some sort of action against him. That number is also INCREASING day by day. Y i k e s. (Three days later edit: it’s up to 16) 

There is no evidence that he did it, but this is bad timing. He is trying to get a trade from the Houston Texans, the team he plays for. You may be wondering, how does that come into play? It does. First of all no team will want him for his actions. This happened to Antonio Brown, superstar wide receiver who was released by the New England Patriots in 2019. They NEEDED a receiver too and releasing him seemed dumb, but they released him because of his actions off the field. NO team signed him for a year after, but MANY teams could have used the All-Pro receiver.

Anyway, if Watson gets released for this (if it is true), no team will want him despite him being better then like 25+ quarterbacks in the league for sure. Also if the Texans release him they still have to pay him (his contract is 110 million dollars in GUARANTEED money) and they get a huge money penalty against them for releasing him (they MUST pay him the money even if he is not with the team) which will be TERRIBLE because the Texans are already a terrible team and having less money than they already do will not help them become good as they were in previous years.

The funny thing about this whole case is that the attorney of the girls he allegedly assaulted is related with the Houston Texans, which makes this way more awkward than it already is. Imagine going with your manager and just seeing him talk to someone who is HEAVILY against you.

When the news came out, on the attorney Tony Buzbees instagram, Watson fans and even NFL fans were so against Buzbee that he had to turn off comments due to excessive hate. This is kind of random, but I found out about it myself while looking at one post he made and a new post a day after. 

Personally I do not have a side on this because there is not proof. The evidence used against Watson is pretty deep, and VERY violent, but it’s not confirmed. 

If this is true then his career is definitely over. If it is not then I will feel bad, no human deserves to get these types of claims against them that are false. This happened to a college football superstar named Shawn Oakman, who in 2016, was projected to be a top 5 pick in the NFL draft but FALSE allegations led him to be a free agent since then. No team has given him a chance, but that´s a different story.

Lets just hope this is all a fluke and Watson is innocent.