Do Athletes Get Paid Too Much?


Cerinity Quinonez (9th), Reporter

No matter how you look at it, the guy getting paid 19 million dollars to swing a bat at a ball is making more per game than the average American household makes in an entire decade. Do you think it’s fair? Think about how much you took home last month. Now, think about how much your bills cost you. Now, think about how much money you had left over to buy a ticket to a game or something you really wanted. 

It doesn’t really seem right that the thing my six-year-old brother does for fun makes someone millions of dollars every year. Athletes were not always paid more than CEOs. In the early stages of the American Football system, most players had to have a normal day job on top of playing, because there was no money to be made in pro football.Then again, life is not always fair.

But on the other hand, we make the decision that it is worth it to pay a day’s wages to attend a three-hour game and cheer till we lose our voices, then we are telling these athletes that they are worth every penny they make, and maybe in the minds of some people, they are worth it.

Many people get inspired by athletes and end up doing great things on their own, and inspiration is not something which can be priced and stocked at Wal-Mart next to the soda.

If you find any kind of inspiration from someone else, then there is no way to put a value on how that person has positively affected your life, especially if that inspiration drives you to do something fantastic.

There are also other reasons these guys and gals get paid the “big bucks”, and one thing in particular that affects many athletes, both during and after their pro career, is injuries. Health insurance companies will either deny these men and women outright, or give them coverage which will not actually help the cost of knee or hip-replacement surgery.