How Does the Class of 2021 Feel About Their Senior Year?

How Does the Class of 2021 Feel About Their Senior Year?

Kareli Gutierrez (12th), Reporter

Senior year is one of the most looked forward to years of a high school student. Filled with different activities such as prom, football games, and graduation seniors are excited to complete their senior year. But, what happens when senior year turns out to be a little (or may I say a lot) different than expected? How does the Class of 2021 actually feel about their senior year?


The Class of 2021 has been faced with a lot of difficulties this year. No normal prom, no in person learning until March 22nd, and graduation is still to be determined. 


In order to understand how seniors feel in this unusual senior year, I have decided to ask them some questions.


I asked fellow Pitman High School seniors Ethney Barajas and Paris Moore how they felt in general about their senior year.


Q: How do you feel about your senior year?


Ethney Barajas: It still slips my mind that I’m a senior to be honest, since this year has been so insane. But it’s so crazy and exciting that we’re almost done with our senior year already!


Paris Moore: Senior has definitely been strange but it’s still cool to realize that we’re living through something so insane that’s going in the history books. I’ve accepted the reality of our situation and am ok with the fact that our senior year wasn’t a normal high school year.


These are both very reasonable answers. On one hand, there’s the excitement and disbelief from actually being in senior but on the other hand there’s the total recognition that this year has in fact been totally strange for seniors. 


I mean how could it not be? COVID-19 struck and seniors were left with almost no prom, an uncertain graduation, and a missing memory of football games in their senior year.


I decided to ask Paris Moore how she felt about the fact of their prom, graduation, and the football games that were left unplayed.


Q: How do you feel upcoming graduation, prom, things like football games that weren’t able to happen, etc.?


Paris Moore: I’ve accepted that I won’t get them. I’m okay with it. I can live without football games and school dances, especially if it’s for the better of my community.


Both of these seniors have done a great job expressing their feelings in respect to their senior year and have done a great job in not letting this unusual year get the best of them. We hope all seniors everywhere are feeling good about their senior year even through all the difficulties they’ve faced! After everything they’ve had to go through, they deserve to feel good about getting through this year! ROLL PRIDE!!


I will leave you with some advice from Ethney Barajas to upcoming seniors.


Make sure you enjoy your senior year! Whether it’s online or in person, it’s going to go by so much more quickly than you think. Make the most of your last year in high school, and don’t stress too much about what comes next.