How is GameStop Doing Now?


Salvador Tamayo-Iniguez (9th), Reporter

GameStop is a store that originated in Dallas, Texas.  The store mainly sells video games for all or almost all consoles from Nintendo, to Xbox, to Playstation.  The fundraiser raised 3.4 billion dollars to save GameStop. A person on Reddit with the name Pakistani_in_Murica is the one who started the fundraiser. GameStop might have been saved, but it still continues to fall because it still isn’t selling much. GameStop isn’t selling much because due to COVID not many people want to go out just yet and also because people can get the same things GameStop sells at other stores that are closer like Target or Walmart. People also buy the things in other stores because they might be cheaper. A $50 game at GameStop might be $30 at Walmart. Because of COVID in California all GameStops in California are closed due to them not being an essential business.