How Was Your First Day Back?


Brook Harper (12th), Reporter

03/22/21 and 03/23/21. These two dates were the first days that students in grades 7th-12th were back on campus in over a year in the turlock unified school district. The students who opted to come back to in person learning were split into two groups, one group comes on monday and thursday and the other group comes on tuesday and friday. All students are online on wednesday and on the days they aren’t scheduled for in person learning.

I am in the green cohort which means that I now go to school on mondays and thursdays. My first day, on monday, was weird to say the least. It was definitely different to actually be on campus instead of at home looking at a computer screen and the longer class times threw me off a little, but it was also very nice to see my teachers and classmates in person for the first time this year. I also had some of my friends in the same cohort as me which made the day a little easier because I knew I would be able to see them at lunch.

“I was in the silver cohort. At first I was mostly just annoyed at my mask, but once I got in the classroom I was really excited and it started to feel more like normal school. Most of my classes had 8-10 people in them. They all went really well; for the most part it was a pretty easy day since everyone’s getting used to the new schedule, but I could already tell it was more beneficial than staring at zoom all day. Most of my friends were in a different cohort. It wasn’t too bad during class, but my day definitely would’ve been better if I had my normal group to eat lunch with and talk to between classes. The longer class times weren’t bad in person, though most of my classes did finish early, but when I was at home the longer classes made the day feel really slow and it was even more difficult to focus than usual.” – Sydney V.

“I am in the green cohort. I felt overall confused because the schedule and other things but actually physically going, it felt nerve racking. My classes were pretty good and it was really quiet because obviously the lack of students, but there was about 5-7 in each of my classes. My friends are not in the same cohort as me and if affected my day around during lunch time and I didn’t have them to hang out with. I personally don’t like the increase of time in our schedule because it’s just too long for both online and physical school, I feel like there was no need for it because in almost all of my classes we always have tons of time afterwards.” – Maykeila A.

“I was in the Green Cohort. At first, I was quite nervous to go back to school. But overall, I was excited! It was nice to see actual people. My classes went pretty well! And it was also great to see my teachers. On average there was probably like 5 people per class period. In some of my classes, there were only like 3 students, counting myself. To my surprise, I had many of my friends be in the same Cohort as me. It made me even more motivated and happy to go back to school! I personally, don’t really like the longer classes. But, maybe that’s because it was such a different schedule to what I’m used to. Also, it wasn’t a schedule that I could really prepare for…therefore, i was really tired by the end of the day.” – Danielle A.

“I am in the silver group. I was very excited for my first day. My classes went well, albeit a little slow. The average was around 6 or 7 people per class. Most of my friends are in the other cohort but I enjoyed the classes they were in much more than the ones I know nobody. I didn’t enjoy having longer classes but if that’s the price to pay to be in school then I am ok with it.” – Ben V.

Teachers and students alike are now back on campus and in the classroom. Students are not in class full time yet but it is a step in the right direction and gives many people hope that things are changing for the better.