ASB Elections for the 2021-2022 School Year

ASB Elections for the 2021-2022 School Year

Josie Swanson (9th), Editor

In this strange and unprecedented time, it’s no doubt that this year has forced many things to change. And the Pitman ASB Elections are no different. Even without the transition to online school this past year, things have been shifting into the digital world exponentially. 

Unlike the elections that took place in the fall, the upcoming elections are taking on a more usual format. Advisors and candidates had to rely more on social media for campaigns and spreading information than they have in years past but the voting itself will take place in Google Forms like usual.

ASB Advisor, Katie Jeans, comments that she and the others involved in the elections, “had to rely on Zoom and a lot more on social media for communicating.” This holdback hasn’t stopped candidates from spreading their campaigns. In fact, Mrs. Jeans explained that candidates had the opportunity to record campaign videos, which got uploaded to the Weekly Roar.

Going back to my previous point on the already developing natural switch to the digital world, I felt obligated to mention the new Social Media position. Although it’s not new to this year, it feels more important than ever to put focus in ways to reach students. 

Mrs. Jeans states that, “we felt that in order to push out information and to have students share pictures to be posted that having an officer for social media would be helpful. It is also really effective during big events like homecoming or dress-up weeks so that all of the social media officers can create posts for our students.”

This Social Media position has proven to be key to keeping students in the loop about what is happening around our school. Most students don’t check the weekly announcements without being reminded to, but almost every high school student checks their social media every day. 

Taking announcements and activities into the online world seems to be working in increasing student participation. It is important for students to vote and participate in ASB elections, because they are choosing which fellow students will be running their school.

That’s why I, as well as Mrs. Jeans, encouraged students to watch each candidate’s campaign video to inform themselves and, “VOTE” because it’s not just ASB that this election is affecting. It’s our whole school.

The Results!!!

  • President – Julian Rosales
  • Vice-President – Ashley Arenas
  • Secretary – Jordyn Piro
  • Treasurer – Alexx Olvera
  • Social Media – (waiting on results)
  • Activities Commissioners – Alondra Rodrigues and Vivian Del Real