Back At School Full Time – How Was The First Week

Back At School Full Time - How Was The First Week

Brook Harper (12th), Reporter

Deciding to go back to school is a big decision for many students. Some families have made the decision to stay home and continue their education online while many others have decided to come back. 

I personally decided to come back to school, at first I did not want to come back because I was tired of all the change in schuldes and I was doing fine at home but in the end I decided to come back. So far I am happy with my decision. The first full week went by fast and it was a nice change to be in the classroom with my classmates and teachers instead of at home on zoom. I have found that my level of productivity has stayed the same as I transitioned into full time in person which is good since I am usually pretty productive. Most of my friends have come back in person as well which was nice.

“I went back to school. It was a mutual decision between my parents and I. My first week back was very stressful, I got lost many times. I felt like I did not have enough time to get things done. I have been saying that it was the longest week of my life when people ask about it. However, I am much more productive in person. I pay attention and stay focused. Almost all of my friends returned in person with me. Although it has been quite stressful, I am hopeful that it was the correct decision.” – Tiara E.

“I did go back to school and it was a decision that both my parents and I decided would be better for me. My first week in school went good, I just had to get back in the rhythm of being back in school and walking from class to class. I was more productive at school as I didn’t have as many distractions as I did at home. Many of my friends did come back to school. I think going back to school was the right decision for myself because just being in person and being her at school allows me to understand more of the lessons than I did at home.” – Haileigh F.

“My parents decided for me to come back to school. My first week of school was good and I think it was the same productively as when I was at home. Most of my friends came back as well. I think going back was a good decision for me.” – Dominick H.

The first full week of in person learning went different for everyone but for the most part it seems to have gone well and will hopefully continue to go well.