Johnson and Johnson Vaccine

Sean Forte Richard (9th), Editor

Are you curious about which vaccine is the best one for your family to get? The Johnson and Johnson vaccine may be the worst COVID vaccine on the market. The Johnson and Johnson company has had a lot of previous success in things like contact lenses, band-aids, baby powder and tylenol. With products like those there were little or no flaws in them, but with their new COVID vaccine there are major and potentially life threatening flaws in it. 


Consumers should be worried about the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it can cause blood clots, and brain clots. Even though these things are are rare, Pfizer and Moderna has shown no signs of this and has been authorized to be safe and effective. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine has shown to have caused these negative side-effects in a teenager. Just recently, a teenager in Nevada had suffered brain clots which triggered a seizure after taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. An incident like this has not happened with Pfizer or Moderna.


Do you think that this vaccine should be recalled or taken back? The CDC and FDA have both only recommended a pause on doses of this vaccine. I personally think that it should not be recalled because if the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is the only one you can get, then get it, but if the other vaccines are available then get those other ones. Another thing is to remember the harmful effects that may happen to you if you get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine.


I asked my friend James and he said, “he doesn’t trust the vaccine because of their other products like the talcum powder that caused ovarian cancer to many users, he continued to say that he does not trust them because they have been sued nemours times.”