What is Pride Time?


Isadora Zamora (12th), Reporter

Pride Time is a class that is offered at John. H Pitman high school in Turlock, California. The class period is made up of other shortened class periods and is 32 minutes long (currently 20 minutes long during our COVID schedule). Pride Time takes place every school day except on Wednesdays because Wednesdays are already a short school day. The class is intended to give students extra help in the subject of their choosing.


Many students have found Pride Time beneficial and often utilize it to receive extra help and make-up tests and quizzes from absentee days. After asking a local student at John. H Pitman high school, Dayam Beltran, ¨What is your opinion on Pridetime? Do you find it useful or not?¨ Dayam replied with, ¨I feel like it is helpful if you take it seriously because teachers take the time to help you and allow you to learn the lesson more. Pride Time will actually help you if you are taking it serious.¨ Every student is required to sign up for a Pride Time class and if they don´t need any help with any of their classes, then the student is allowed to take a fun and easy class of their choosing. 

If Pride Time was not offered at Pitman High School, more time would be added onto each class period and students would be responsible for receiving that extra help on their own time. For many students that participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs, and even for those who are employed, it can be challenging to make up tests and quizzes or even receive that extra help on their own time. Without Pride Time, there is a likely chance that many students’ grades could possibly drop because they wouldn’t be receiving as much help as they could be getting with the Pride Time period. As of right now, Pride Time is available to the students that wish to utilize it and the students that don’t wish to use it have the option of going to another class. 

Now that you know a little more information about Pride Time, it is your choice to decide how to feel about it. Whether you believe Pride Time can be useful or not is entirely up to you however, the facts given to you about Pride Time through this article are intended to give you a better understanding of it. Next time you sign up for Pride Time, use it to benefit you and remember how a school day would look like without it.