How Could You Survive Squid Game?

How Could You Survive Squid Game?

Clarisa Garcia (11th), Reporter

Imagine you were offered millions of dollars to participate in a competition where your life was on the line. Well, this was the opportunity hundreds of people were given in the first episode of the Netflix series Squid Game. This Netflix show was recently released on the platform and viewers have been obsessing about it ever since. While watching the intense but captivating story unfold, many are curious to know whether they would triumph or end up in a coffin if they participated in this game.

Before diving into what the qualifications are to win this tournament, Squid Game is a suspenseful K-drama series that displays the lengths desperate and perpetually broke people would go to live with the luxury of being financially stable. After receiving an enrollment card, 456 people choose to accept the invitation to join the game, oblivious of the circumstances they will suffer in. With the requirement to pass through six unknown games, players naturally question if anyone should be trusted.

Now, if you were to join the deadly Squid Game, one of the attitudes you must maintain is self-assurance. Without a doubt, showing any sign of weakness or vulnerability will increase an opponent’s interest in eliminating you. However, if you appear to be overly confident, they may target you since you act as a major threat to their victory. Therefore, avoid displaying fear or excessive confidence. When interviewing Leala Smith, a junior at Pitman High School, about Squid Game, she was asked: “Do you believe that you could survive Squid Game? Why or why not?” Smith replied with, “There is no way I could make it out alive, even from the first game. I’m not good with strategic thinking, so I would definitely be one of the first to go.”

When competing in Squid Game, being independent is another crucial quality one needs to have. Considering the debt situation opponents are trying to escape, they most likely do not plan on sharing the prize money. Greed will be flowing through their veins and motivate them to do some cruel deeds. Thus, remaining independent in the game is fundamental for forging ahead.

And of course, participating in a game that is unpredictable means making wise choices. Since each of the six games is kept secret until players are taken to the game location, you never know what to expect. Although it can be beneficial to step out of your comfort zone in the real world, taking risks in Squid Game may result in serious consequences. So, examine your options and focus on picking decisions that will lead you to victory.

During a brief interview session with Venize Llena, a Pitman High School 11th grade student, she was asked: “Would you betray a close friend to win a game that you bet your life on? Why or why not?” Llena responded with, “I probably would if it’s near the end and I’m one of the finalists… but I think that kind of situation really tests your integrity.”

It is possible to survive Squid Game; however, possessing certain qualities may raise the chances of winning and get you further. This is no ordinary game with a clear-cut path for players to follow. It all comes down to what you’re willing to do as a contestant to reach success.