Pitman High School’s Homecoming Week 2021


Grace Marson (12th), Editor

We are at the beginning of Pitman’s annual homecoming week, so it’s time to get excited! Sure, we may have missed out on all of the fun, classic events that come along with homecoming week last year due to Covid-19, but that’s not stopping us this year! Not only do we have our “where did the time go?” dress-up week and football game this year, but we also have a new edition to one of the already funnest weeks of the year… the homecoming dance! To help prepare for the week, let’s get informed on what to prepare for by Julian Rosales: Pitman’s student body president, football player, and homecoming king nominee!

  • What are some expectations you have for our upcoming week?

“I’m hoping to see a lot of people dress up. The last dress up week was okay, but I expect more people to be dressing up and showing more school spirit because even though people may not be into it, it’s high school. You’re never going to get these days back. And, I just want people to enjoy it, because who cares! You’re not too cool for school.”

  • What inspired the ‘where did the time go?’ theme?

“Honestly, we were just thinking about how fast high school [has gone] by, so we were just sitting down and were like… why not just go with ‘where did the time go?’ because… we’re seniors, and especially since we missed out on the last year and a half… we just thought it would be the perfect theme for the week.”

  • How are you feeling about the game and how is the team preparing for it?

“We go week by week… Obviously, we’re looking forward to playing [this] week, and we’re just looking at it like any other game [in terms of] preparing for it. We’re working hard and are looking towards being prepared by the time game time comes.”

  • What are your thoughts on this being the seniors’ last year participating in homecoming events?

“It’s crazy to think about, especially since last year got taken away from us, and that’s why I’m just trying to make the most out of this year… I want to make sure that I can say that I enjoyed my time here, and I don’t regret not doing anything.”

  • I know you’re a homecoming king nominee, what would you like people who are voting to consider when figuring out who to vote for?

“First of all, just make sure you vote. Secondly, look around to just see who your nominees are. See who’s showing their school spirit because honestly, if you don’t have school spirit then why are you even running? So, just choose somebody who stands out to you during these dress up days, and just genuinely like the person and think they deserve it, and give them that vote.”

It’s apparent that you want to take advantage of this week! Go all out and have fun! Trust me, it’s not dorky or embarrassing to dress up, especially with a theme as exciting as this. 

If you’re not aware, the dress-up days for this week are as follows:

Monday is Prehistoric Day; cavemen style, animal print, and explorers. Tuesday is Old $ vs. New $; how would you dress if you were a trust fund baby, compared to if you were an Instagram influencer. Wednesday’s theme is Lifespan! Freshmen dress up as babies; sophomores, teenagers; juniors, adults; seniors, senior citizens! Thursday is Childhood Nostalgia; come to school dressed as any character from your favorite childhood T.V. show! Lastly, on Friday (the most important day) wear your class’s designated decades fashion! Freshmen will be sporting the 80’s look, Sophomores got 50’s, Juniors: 60’s, and Seniors will be styling with fashion from the 70’s! Don’t miss out on these awesome dress up days, and show how spirited you are for the Pride! 

Overall, make sure you participate in this week’s activities. These weeks are rare and sooner or later, we won’t have these types of weeks to participate in. When dressing up, give it your all; scream your head off at the rally, and make sure you come out and support our football team on Friday. Last thing I want to say, if you don’t want to cheer and show school spirit for our school like a cool person would, stay out of the Pit Crew, please and thank you. These are our golden days, people! Let’s have some fun this week. 


  • The Homecoming Royalty voting window is Tuesday-Thursday at 3:00PM (Vote HERE)
  • The Homecoming dance is from 8-11PM, and school IDs are required. It is being held in front of the activities office/library, and snacks and water will be sold. 
  • Tickets are no longer available for purchase

Here are your Homecoming Nominees:

Alexxa Olvera                       Evan Keily

Anyssa Fernandez               Franky Carbajal

Ava Lawson                         Juan Ramirez

Bella Kern                            Julian Rosales

April Vaca-Sotelo                Kai Bravo

Brooke Nunes                      Kyler Pruitt

Vanessa Arias                       Mario Ammari 

Yori Lightner                        Tyler Canella