The Conjuring Universe Review 


America Castrejon (9th), Editor

Making over 2 billion dollars in the box office for The Conjuring Universe that just about never gets old! Starting with his first movie, The Conjuring, making over 319.5 million dollars.  These movies were based on Ed and Lorrain Warren’s cases. In my opinion, ALL of these movies were amazing, these had to be one of my favorite horror movies to come out. Now let’s talk about the Conjuring timeline and which order the movies were released, and my opinion of how these movies were plotted and what they were based on. 

Starting at The Nun, originally in 1952 all the way to 1971. This movie has a featured character that is seen and involved in almost all of The Conjuring Universe. The main character in this movie is Valak also known as a demon nun. My blunt opinion in this movie is that it was just down right good. The way James Wan displayed the characters, how they added the beginning of the scene from The Conjuring 1 into this movie, just astonishes me. It’s so well summed up, and has a very good plot. 

After The Nun, is Annabelle: Creation based in 1943 / 1952 / 1955, and ending in 1967. This movie is how Annabelle was created and how it got haunted. Okay this movie is one of those kinds of movies that literally never gets old. The plot of how these orphans go to live in a house, not knowing what has happened. How the kids thought it was just an ordinary mansion that was available to live in. Then how the main plot of it was when the “weakest” girl was getting targeted because she had a weak leg. Then the movie evolves and all the girls start to see things because Janice, also known as Talitha Bateman was one of the main characters and the reason everyone started to see things. Overall, I loved how this movie ended, and how it hinted there was going to be another movie.

Now moving on to one of my all time favorite of the Conjuring movies, the original movie: The Conjuring. Based on a timeline from 1968 until 1971; is about how a family moved into a new house and started to get this weird feeling of not being alone; the mother, Carolyn Perron went to a presentation too see the Warrens and try and get them to help her figure out her problem.  They ended up performing an exorcism leaving the mother free from the presence in the house.  My opinion is that this movie was so terrifying yet exciting, how James Wan plotted it and how the mother acted so well. 

Now moving onto, Annabelle Comes Home, The Curse Of La Llorona, The Conjuring 2, and The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It. In my opinion, the movie based on the urban legend of La Llorona was good. But I don’t know why James Wan would add this urban legend to the Conjuring Universe, because it didn’t really go together.  Annabelle Comes Home was good yet weird. I liked how they based it on Ed and Lorraine’s lifestyle and their daughter, as well as their friends and family. Then to the Conjuring 2, and 3; I enjoyed how they made it into a different culture, and area. I know how these movies are true stories, as well as the 3rd Conjuring – I liked how it was more about witchcraft, and had a different family again. 

I asked a friend “What were your favorite and least favorite movies?  Did you think James plotted the movies well?”

Cristina Arreguin (9th Grade) “My least favorite movie is, Annabelle Comes Homes, because that one just sucks. Like not a lot happened, there was literally a werewolf.. But my favourite movie of the universe is, The Conjuring 1. I do think James Wan did so well at plotting the movies. I like how he made a lot of movies – and at the end of the movies they were connected and all of our questions were answered.”

Overall, I really did enjoy all of The Conjuring movies, and I love how James Wan plotted them and the choice of actors he chose. Will he come out with an Annabelle 4? There have been lots of rumors that he was thinking of producing more movies, but it has not yet been determined.