Converse Review


Calli Noriega (11th), Editor-in-Chief

Converse is an American shoe company that was founded in 1908 and does the following: designs, distributes, and licenses sneakers, skating shoes, lifestyle brand footwear, apparel, and accessories.


The Converse business is very popular amongst the world and is favored by many people due to their shoe’s comfortability, the brand’s creative styles, and the great material used to manufacture the clothing and sneakers.


All shoes made from Converse are great to wear daily and can be worn to run errands all across town, or even around the house. The sneakers are also very flexible for someone to move around in, making it easy to walk everywhere. Camila Garcia, a junior from John H. Pitman High School, was asked, “Do you own any Converse shoes or apparel? If so then what are your own personal thoughts regarding the comfortability?” and responded with:


“I own some Converses! They’re my go to shoes if I ever leave the house. I love wearing them to school since my feet don’t hurt as much when I walk around campus.”


Converse have been producing apparel and shoes for several years and many of their products have become wardrobe staples in society. Most celebrities are seen wearing them which influences a lot of their fans to wear them as well. The shoe brand contains such versatility which makes it easier to put outfits together for any occasion such as going to school, the park, the store, or going on vacation.


If anyone decides to buy any item that was created by Converse, then they’re in luck because the company uses top quality material. The sneakers, especially, are able to be worn for several years. Also, the shoes don’t wear down too much if taken care of properly but either way, they last for a while which satisfies all customers. Joel Carillo, a junior from John H. Pitman High School, was asked, “Do you think that the material used to manufacture Converses is of great quality? Why or why not?” and replied with:


“I actually think the quality is super great because I skate in my Converses most of the time and they’re a little banged up but I can still wear them. I’ve had my Converses for a long time and I can still depend on them.”


Overall, the Converse company is highly likable for their shoe brand’s snug fitting, new and interesting designs, and top quality products.