Effects of Giving Technology to Kids

Effects of Giving Technology to Kids

Lianna Padilla (10th), Reporter

Technology is the thing we rely on most in this world. It’s a crucial part of our everyday lives. People of all ages use technology daily for different reasons; some use it to do school work, write emails, teach, watch TV, or post on social media. With it being such a big part of our lives of course this means even kids use technology. Kids using technology at such a young age is a very controversial thing, but have we ever really thought about how it’s affected them?


Kids using technology does have its benefits. Things such as learning, communication, and being independent are easier to learn. Having access to technology and the internet can allow kids to figure things out on their own. Additionally, technology gives kids an opportunity to learn. 


According to Western Governors University, “Technology helps teachers reach different kinds of learners, reinforce and expand on concepts, and motivate students in new ways,” (wgu.edu). 


Seeing as how technology is only becoming more important, more careers are going to be technology based. So, kids becoming more familiar with technology is going to open them up to more opportunities in the future. 


Western Governors University says, “If you’re a young student who has the technological background you need for an IT career, consider an IT degree to build your credentials and get you started on the path,” (wgu.edu).


Growing up with so much technology in comparison with little technology, we can see a very big difference in how kids are developing. Most kids are given their electronic devices such as phones, tablets, ipods etc. around 8-11 years old. They are now exposed to so much of the real world at such a young age. Being on social media as a kid can definitely damage you in numerous ways. It opens them up to things like bullying, comparing themselves to others, and being influenced by older people. 


Kids’ behavior is also dramatically affected by their use of technology. Western Governors University states that, “Research shows that the average 8- to 10-year-old spends almost 8 hours a day with a variety of media, and older children and teenagers spend around 11 hours per day with media,” (wgu.edu). With so much time on social media, kids are no longer being exposed to those real life interactions that help with many life skills they’re going to need. Kids become less social, less focused on academics, their social skills weaken, and they have a higher risk of mental health issues.


When asking a family friend, Esteban Diaz, “What do you think a big issue with kids using technology is?” He replied, “With things like social media kids lose sense of reality, all the social media makes them think other people are perfect and that can be really damaging.”