Hello Kitty Murder Case


America Castrejon (9th), Editor

This case is genuinely heart wrenching. It’s very sensitive, and has a lot of graphic information. The Hello Kitty Murder cased happened in 1999, in which a nightclub hostess was abducted, tortured, then killed. Because she stole a wallet, Fan Man-yee was kidnapped by three men from her apartment. She was decapitated and her head was placed inside of a Hello Kitty mermaid doll. 


She was 23, which is upsetting because she was so young! 34 year old Chan Man-lok, 27 year old Leung Shing-cho, and 21 year old Leung Wai-lun were the three men who did this. Chan had a 14 year old girlfriend, who was also kidnapped for stealing a wallet just as Fan did.  They took her to an apartment, where they imprisoned Fan. Originally the main guy was going to make her work for him, to gain back the money she stole. But the plan got out of hand, which led them to beating her, burning her, raping her, forcing her to consume feces and urine. Even forced her to say she enjoyed the beatings. And ALL of this happened over a debt dispute of 4 thousand dollars.


After a whole month of torture, she was killed or had died from injuries. Her kidnappers then decapitated her and placed her head inside of a Hello Kitty mermaid doll. They hid the rest of her remains. Police only found her skull, a tooth, and some internal organs. Fan’s remains were only found because of Chan’s girlfriend, which led the police to where they put the rest of her body. After a 6 week trial, the three men were convicted of manslaughter, and were sentenced for life. It could not be determined from Fan’s remains if the men did kill her, but it confirmed their abuse did kill her. 


Fan’s head was only discovered inside of this Hello Kitty doll because a 14 year old girl reported that a ghost of a lady who was beaten to death was haunting her. The police brushed off her claims assuming this girl was crazy. After discovering that the girl was terrified, they followed her into a place where they discovered Fan’s skull inside of a Hello Kitty Doll.

This is so upsetting. Simply over some money; I do understand that she shouldn’t have taken the wallet. She was a drug addict and Fran was obviously desperate. Her kidnappers went way too far, police reported that the three men were drug dealers, so Fan took the wallet from the wrong person. 


I asked 9th grader Emma Gonzalez: “What do you think about this being over money?”

Gonzalez responded, “I feel like it could have been handled differently if she didn’t steal the money. I feel like stealing money didn’t have to go to that extent. I think she shouldn’t have stolen the money in the first place.”


This case was truly so disgusting. She was a drug addict who worked as a hostess. But being tortured and killed over some money is just horrible and turns my stomach. She deserved so much better than what happened to her, and I hope she is somewhere better now. Those men are disgusting, and I hope they stay in jail for what they have done.