John H. Pitman High School History 

John H. Pitman High School History 

Cionna Washington (9th), Reporter

While thought to be ancient, Pitman High is only 19 years old! In 1998, residents of Turlock passed a community bond to construct a new high school which was completed and opened in August 2002. John H. Pitman was principal of Turlock High School for twenty years from January 1, 1947 to June 1966. He was born on the 9th of July in 1898 in Dayton, Ohio. He died on the 21st of August in 1979. When the groundwork was being laid for a second high school,this school name was easily chosen: John h. Pitman. 


Pitman High is ranked #4,319 in the National Rankings. Schools are ranked on their performance on state-required tests, graduation and how well they prepare students for college. Pitman High School has served 2,081 students in grades 9-12 for all the years this school has been open. The first day saw 1,000 students. Superintendent William H. Gibson noted that Pitman was constructed under budget and well in advance of the scheduled opening of school. 


In 1934, John Pitman became Dean of Boys at THS, and in 1935 added the job of Vice Principal. He became the eighth Principal of THS in 1947. In 1965, he turned the principalship over to George Marks and became the Superintendent of the Turlock Joint Union School District until his retirement in 1966.


When Pitman started at Turlock High School, only the current East and West wings existed. He spent the rest of his career overseeing the building of the campus, the expansion of the course offerings and programs, as well as hiring dozens of employees.


What is one thing you remember when first starting working at Pitman High School?


Mr.Hoffsteen, a current BioLiving Earth teacher at Pitman High School, responded to my question, ¨I remember seeing how many students there were in the school, and I was very impressed how diverse everyone was and how many different languages that students would bring into the school.¨