Name Brand vs Off Brand

Name Brand vs Off Brand

Dylan Dooling (11th), Reporter

Is there really a difference between name and off brand items? As a person who has used both, they can be used for multiple purposes, such as fashion, food, electronics, cleaning supplies and many more. The debate on this has been going around for a while and I was able get some facts and other peoples opinions on what they believe is better. 


One category of name brand items that are often made off brand would be clothes. An example of this would be off brand shoes. They’re cheaper because the quality of the product is drastically different. Therefore, off brand shoes are probably the worst thing ever. They are not comfortable and usually are already falling apart after 3 months. Yes, the price is more affordable than the shoes that are typically purchased, but name brand shoes are better to style with, better made, and A LOT more comfortable to walk in; therefore, are worth the expense. 


Other products, such as electronics, also have off brand items. One of the biggest ones for a while were AirPods. These are two bluetooth earpieces with a charging case made by Apple. Many companies have tried to recreate the item for half the price and they are not worth it. They have overall bad sound, low bass, and a hard time connecting. Not only are they poorly made, but another thing people don’t like about them is the way they look and how they sit in your ear. It’s just not comfortable, nor does it look right. Buying AirPods will be a more expensive purchase but will be much better to buy than the off brand version!


The debate between name brand vs off brand this is more of a “in your own opinion” topic and how the person feels. If they’re fine with spending a couple more dollars, then get the name brand item, but if you’re short a couple dollars, off brand won’t hurt. In others’ experience, they find that name brand items are better overall, and very few off brand products that they have tried have been enjoyed. Even with the lowered price, they feel it isn’t the best trade.


I asked one of my friends some questions and these were their responses:

“How often do you get off brand items?”

We tend to get some food items that are not name brand but I feel give the same results. Another is laundry detergent. I don’t really know the difference between that and name brand.

“Do you believe in off brand items on the market?”

Some companies try to literally copy everything with the name brand but some make an effort to show it based around their product but not exactly the same which I think is better. It adds more personality to the off brand product and could probably increase sales making it look the exact same with no effort to change it doesn’t look the best.