Sweater Weather

Does Colder Weather Mean You Should Dress Better?


Jason Rodriguez (11th), Reporter

The season where we can wear almost anything has come! The power of seasonal depression and fallen leaves gives us the power to create amazingly creative outfits. Standard outfits in the summer cause overheating due to the fact that it’s just jeans and T-shirts. The basic clothes that guys wear during the summer are usually T-shirts and shorts, and even though girls have much better/diverse options, they’re still nothing special since it’s just crop tops, shorts and sundresses.


In the spring, more diversity is given since it’s just a little cooler but still a bit warm. There are more options like jeans, hoodies, lightweight jackets, and even sweaters. However, in the Fall, the fashion begins to shine; tighter pants, baggy jeans, hoodies, and sweaters of all kinds can really show.


Complexity is the name of the game now; with chains, straps, and sleeves being huge in today’s fashion, the smaller things that most people don’t notice are more popular; even though you won’t notice the first time you see them. Who are the people your mom had a crush on when she was younger? It’s usually guys with rings, perms, and “bad decisions” that cause people to want to look like them. If you need to know where to shop, thrifting is the best way to look like you know what you’re doing since most of the items there are winter clothes. 


Fast fashion is being thrown out the door more often since it’s not ideal to have big companies get support from your wallet and attention. Seeing as everyone dislikes neon shorts and slim fit shirts, people are getting comfortable with winter’s thrifting craze and much needed warmth.