Gift Buying Troubles!

Gift Buying Troubles!

Rylie Rice (9th), Reporter

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s time to get a wrap up those final gifts. It sure can be tough finding the perfect gift for your loved ones, especially for those picky shoppers!

There’s always many factors that funnel into the gift buying process. Having to keep in mind favorite colors, clothing sizes, your relationship with that person, and much else; sometimes even to the point of taking away the joy of gift giving! It’s a different kind of struggle when it comes to significant others and parents. Gifts for your boyfriend or girlfriend are either exciting or extremely frustrating to pick out, there’s no in between. As for your parents, they either always want something expensive or never want anything at all; and where’s the fun in that?

To hopefully get a couple ideas in mind, I interviewed freshmans Grant Day and Meryan Yousefiyeh, on their best gift options!

When asked “What are some gifts that you loved receiving in the past for any occasion?” Day answered: “Some gifts I’ve loved receiving in the past are watches. I think a watch is a really good option because you can use it for a long time.”

Then he was questioned “What are the top five best gifts to get a guy?” and he said: “I think the top five best gifts you can get a guy include shoes, watches, clothes, self care items, and maybe like a hat.”

As you can tell, the most important gifts for men are necessary items that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves, and durable/long-lasting items.

Similarly I asked Meryan Yousefiyeh the same question to get a different perspective to which she replied: “I think the top five best gifts to get for a girl are perfume, makeup, clothes, bedroom items, and jewelry.”

However, many can agree that it all depends on their style, what they use, and what they like.

You may be having trouble with finding a specific gift for that special someone. So Yousefiyeh suggests: “One of my favorite ideas for gifts to give your significant other are things that tie in with one of your inside jokes or a piece of clothing with your name or initials embroidered on it.”

Meryan Yousefiyeh’s suggestions are so unique and personal that they might even bring your loved ones to tears!

If these gift suggestions just don’t call out your attention, then both Pitman High students said that the perfect gift never has much to do with the money value, it’s more the thought that counts. A letter or anything else that’s handmade that shows your appreciation would be the perfect choice.

Buying your parents a gift is just as important as one for your friends! As many of us struggle with gifts for our family, Ms. Smith is here to help us out!

“What are some of the best gifts you’ve received from your child?” Smith answered, “The best gifts I received from all of my children are homemade. As a person before you become a parent you usually think that you’ll have to fake it, but they really do mean the most. “

Then she was asked “What are some gifts your child has never given you but you would love it if they did?” To which she said: “I actually did receive this, but my daughter’s teacher made her write a letter of appreciation. I would suggest that someone should give their parents a card or a letter just writing down what they appreciate about their parents and what they remember most about childhood memories.”

Accordingly, gifts don’t always need to be something you spend a grand total on, just some time and effort is all it really takes. Even if handmade gifts don’t seem like much from the perspective of the gift-giver, always think back on the little things and let them know how much you appreciate and care for them.